What happens when my workers’ comp claim is accepted? What are the benefits? What if I disagree?

You should find out the outcome of your claim within 90 days from when the claim form is delivered to your employer – if you do not hear back, the injury is likely covered.

There are five primary benefits from workers’ comp insurance:

1. Medical care
2. Temporary disability benefits
3. Permanent disability benefits
4. Supplemental job displacement (SJDB) benefits
5. Death benefits

If there is disagreement surrounding your injury/the benefits, you may be evaluated by a QME (qualified medical evaluator). A QME is a physician that has met additional educational and licensing standards. An attorney can also be very helpful. In some cases, and with help of an attorney, all parties may agree on a certain doctor to work out any medical disagreements. This kind of doctor is known as an AME (agreed medical evaluator).

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