Medical Providers

As a member of our network, you will receive the following the following services:

  • A professional profile sharing your experience, specialty, location and any additional information you’d like us to share.
  • Your medical practice will be included in our digital brochure of medical providers. We consistently provide updated digital brochures to attorneys and law firms.
  • We utilize social media marketing and feature our medical providers.
  • We utilize email marketing, reaching out to our network of attorneys and law firms featuring our medical providers.
  • We attend a variety of conferences and networking events – providing maximum exposure to our network of medical providers.
  • We connect our network of medical providers with each other, creating opportunities to network.
  • We host luncheons at law firms and exclusive dinners for our networks of attorneys.
  • We have a hands-on marketing team that visits law firms and networks throughout the community.
  • We also offer a variety of laboratory services that can be further discussed.

We have a team of multiplingual medical schedulers that ensure the following.

  • Review and ensure all necessary paperwork is complete and provided to your office.
  • Call and text patients to confirm/remind them of their appointment details.
  • Reschedule appointments when necessary.
  • Request status updates from the law firm.