Pain medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on treating illnesses, or injuries that cause pain and as the result limit function. Pain Medicine would involve everything from initial diagnosis to treatment as well as individualized rehabilitative exercise prescription related to that injury or condition.

When you are in pain, it could take over your life and limit your day-to-day function if left untreated. Pain could be a source of constant anxiety and could be debilitating, keeping you from the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Pain can limit your ability to do simple tasks like lifting groceries or household chores. It may limit your joy in playing with your children, grandchildren, or pets. Pain can also prevent you from participating in your favorite sports, being productive at work or it might even keep you from your job altogether.

Our mission at APDSS is to help our patients return to a life that is as pain-free as possible. At APDSS we provide the care and compassion everyone deserves.


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