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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I send a Workers' Compensation referral?

You can send your workers' comp referral to intake@doc411, please include the following;
  • Application claim form
  • Demographics
  • Medical records (if available)
  • MPN information (Insurance, mpn link, adjuster, case #)
  • Specify any additional details you prefer such as what type of specialist you want, the area your client would like treatment (if different from where the client lives or if client prefers being treated near their job),
A member of our intake team will keep you updated. If you would like to speak with a team member you can contact them at 1-844-936-2411 or email intake@doc411.

What type of workers' compensation cases do your medical providers accept?

Our network of medical providers accept the following cases; denied, liens, admitted and STIP. Some cases require a review process and are accepted on a case by case prior to providing an appointment. Our team of medical schedulers are available to answer questions and provide greater details, you can contact us at 1-844-936-2411.

What are your hours of operation? What is the best way of contacting Doc411?

We are open Monday-Friday from 9a.m.- 5p.m. and closed all major Holidays.

View Doc411 contact information

For after hour emergency's you can contact our President, Desiree Mohazab at 818-535-9408.

What if I am having trouble getting reports from a Doctor you scheduled my client with?

If we scheduled your clients appointment, we will be happy to help you obtain any reports you are requesting from the doctors office.

How long does it take from the time I send you a referral?

Lien cases within our network take 24 hours, lien cases outside of our network take 24-48 hours. (Please keep in mind that remote areas such as Bakersfield, Indio, Palm Springs and etc. are extremely challenging. Our team we will do their best to schedule with a medical provider as close as possible.)

Admitted (MPN) cases take 24-48 hours for scheduling.

Our team of medical schedulers will provide your law firm updates throughout the process and can be contacted at 1-844-936-2411.

What is Doc411?

Doc411 is an established medical marketing and doctor directory company providing complimentary medical scheduling and resources for law firms specializing in personal injury and workers' compensation cases.

You can contact our team of medical schedulers at 1-844-936-2411.
For general questions via email, please send to support@doc411

What does your complimentary medical scheduling service include?

Our complimentary medical scheduling service for law firms includes;
  • Providing a medical provider to treat your clients work injury.
  • Our team of medical schedulers send texts via our text messaging service to your client with their appointment details, we then call to confirm your client received their appointment details. Your client will also receive text messages reminding them of their appointment 3 days prior to their appointment and the day before ensuring they show.
  • Our team emails your law firm the appointment details.
  • We call the medical providers office to confirm the client showed to their appointment
  • We will reschedule the client on a need basis and update you with new appointment details.
We look forward to helping your law firm, please send referrals to intake@doc411.com.

Why have I never heard of Doc411?

Doc411 is formerly known as California MPN Providers Inc. and has been part of the workers' compensation industry for over 23 years. Our name changed in late 2017. The Founder/President of the company since it originated is Desiree Mohazab.

Read more about Doc411, formerly known as California MPN.
Read more about Founder/President, Desiree Mohazab.