Welcome to Doc411

Formerly known as California MPN Providers Inc.

After 25 years of success, California MPN Providers Inc. rebranded to “Doc411” in November 2016. Historically, our business has focused on building an extensive network of multi-specialty doctors within a variety of MPNS (Medical Provider Networks) while also providing full-service, complimentary medical scheduling to our network of law firms that specialize in workers’ compensation. Additionally, our services have included numerous marketing services for medical providers that specialize in treating workers’ compensation clients.

Our rebranding to “Doc411” felt appropriate as we expanded our services to include personal injury cases.

Our full-service complimentary medical scheduling and marketing services now cover professionals specializing in workers’ compensation and/or personal injury. Our network now includes multi-specialty medical providers that specialize in workers’ compensation and/or personal injury.

We value our partnerships with law firms and pride ourselves in building trust and honest communication. Our highest priority is to ensure that your client is receiving the best treatment for their injury.

Medical providers interested in joining our network, please contact our President, Desiree Mohazab.

Questions? Contact our team of medical schedulers at 1-844-936-2411, or you can connect with our President, Desiree Mohazab.

Doc411 Team